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    Hi @Adrimóvich

    It is a problem with newer windows and older games somehow.
    Not everyone has it, I have a work around but you won’t see the games mouse cursor just the normal mouse cursor.

    One work around is to enable mouse cursor trails in your mouse settings in control panel.

    The other work around is to have it not change the mouse cursor.
    I have pinned a download for this in our discord under the help section.

    You might be able to download it here

    Run the launcher, after it’s done but before you click play
    copy V-Sky2.exe to make a backup.
    Extract the zip to the game folder.
    Rename V-Sky2.exe to V-Sky2.exe.bak
    Rename V-Sky2_SetCursorWorkaround.exe to V-Sky2.exe

    Then when you click play it would use this modified file which does not change the cursor icon in game.

    Please give that a try and let me know how you get on.

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