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    I will have to write a better guide soon but.
    PayPal and Stripe both work now.

    Stripe seems to work well for Turkey, or if you can’t use PayPal for some reason.
    Purchasing points is generally pretty quick.

    1) First, I suggest you view the “Add points to an account” under the Remote Accounts section for the game.

    2) You can purchase custom amounts in whole numbers.
    Clicking one of the pre-set options will auto fill the amount, or you can enter a custom amount.

    Once an amount is set, you can clearly see the points you will get and a bonus point amount for certain tiers.

    If you need to top up your wallet to reach the amount you are wanting to transfer, you may click the “Need to top up your wallet?” button.
    After purchasing you will need to return to the Remote Accounts “Add points to an account” dialog.

    3) Ensure the Game Account you wish to transfer points to is selected.

    4) Do a final double check of the form and click Transfer points to account.

    Additionally: You may transfer points from your wallet to other users by their email address if you are so inclined.

    All prices are in Euros €, when you get to confirming your payment at the gateway it might tell you the conversion in your own currency.

    Disclaimer: Wallet to Point transfers to your game account are one way only, so please double check what you have entered.
    Wallet points are not able to be “cashed out” to real world money they are not an asset and have no real world value they are not for resale.

    Yes, you can transfer points to your game account whilst you are in-game, please re-open the Item Mall dialog in-game to refresh the points you see.

    Please get in touch with us on Discord or Support if you have any issues with this process.

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