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        200% Pet guide
        Hello and welcome to the community.
        So once you have grinded said pet there is only one way to get your pet to 200% at this point in time so we have a thing called daily mission.
        in order to receive the rewards from the mission you must join war 3 times in that day, get 10 pvp kills, kill 1000 monsters, and have 60mins play time for that day.
        Now onto the rewards its self this is how we make our pets 200% with these missions so once your pet is 100% the only way to progress is do these daily missions so once you have done them you goto Trader in town and click Daily and receive the rewards this will give you 1% pet exp and a random item,

        Lvl 1 Pets

        M 1 Pets

        M 15 Pets

        M 30 Pets

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