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        We will use this post for development purposes, posting here all the updates done to the server, client and website.

        Players, please keep it mind that the website, server, client and launcher will be upgraded progressively as we evolve as server.

        On the wheel:

        – Finishing up last details for a CBT testing that will last 3-4 days if all goes as expected.
        – Getting client and server files ready for release.


        1 April 2019:

        We been working hard :), this is a list of what we did:

        – Autopill is fully working.
        – Screen resolution support up to 4K (for 8K u might need glasses :P).
        – Patched all known hacks.
        – A really secure dll.
        – Fully working Guild Flags!
        – Your ingame password is secure and encrypted.
        – Patched load of things ingame and fixed a lot of spawn and timers problems.
        – Fixed server crashing problems.
        – This website? 😀

        We are almost ready to go!! Stay tuned!

        19 February 2019:

        Hello guys,

        We are sorry for the delay of this update but that doesnt mean that we didnt work! 😀
        – The new dll for the game is almost done, we actually need to add and polish a couple of more things to finish it.
        – The new website is on its way also, we need some designer to help us to make website look nicer tho :). Intested , pm in skype: Fantatik3 or discord Sema#8967.
        – We fixed and improved the security of the server in general.
        – We made a tool to hold automated events and some other usefull stuff for the GMs.

        We will keep you guys updated more often! So pay attention at our forums!

        14 January 2019:


        The progress is slow but steady, this week we had some good news, Liam(Megabyte) joined us as developer and we had to invest a good part of our time into planning to have a more optimized and organized work.

        – Server Side:

        – Secure the server side, we need passwords being store in a much more secure way. (Done, needs Testing)
        – Server side antihack to prevent speedhacking and VAC.
        – We need a simple tool to take servers down, set events and stuff.

        – Client Side:

        – Security is priority number 1!! In our DLL we need to implement some features to improve it.
        – The client got funny exploits as you can see in the CP Ranking table.

        For sure there are some other things that i forgot and some others that i cant talk about yet.

        10 January 2019:

        Hello guys,

        We changed server host and with this change we will also release a new client download and incase you had the client already, we will release a manual patch.
        So from now on, the launcher and server will appear offline.


        – New server installed.
        – Launcher getting stuck in “Downloading game manifest” fixed.
        – Removed Autohunt + autopill from the client.
        – Fixed crash when not launching the game in default resolution (1024×768).
        – Premium zones rates are fixed.

        4 January 2019:

        Hello guys,

        We are working into some bad exploits found ingame and also rethinking about a new and more complete website. Along with the mentioned there are some things to fix still before we can go to OBT safely.

        Thanks guys for the patience, but we are working hard to bring up a nice experience.

        31 December 2018:

        Happy new year in advance to everyone, first i would like to thank you guys for sticking around to see whats going on.
        Our updates got slowed down for some proper planning reasons and recruitment, we found what caused the crash in the client and some other errors related to screen resolution we will try to solve it asap with some of the new developers helping.

        We will start to work again in 2/01/2019.

        17 December 2018:

        We been working into the errors that caused characters to get error #001 when logging in.
        – Disabled Autohunt, will cause disconnection when trying to use it.
        – Autopill should work perfectly.
        – Updated DLL to be compatible with more machines.
        – Updated V-Sky2.exe to fix some errors.
        – Updated the launcher to dont patch the font file that caused the Font mError.

        12 December 2018:

        -Setting up new update to be released today.

        09 December 2018:

        -All snake names into items turned into Fujin. (This work will be done in parts since takes some time to edit those)
        -Fixed icons for all faction capes.
        -Fixed all models for all faction capes.

        08 December 2018:

        -Fixed the 15% mounts.
        -Fixed some messages from the AutoHunt.

        07 December 2018:

        -Fixed some issues with the login server.

        06 December 2018:

        Client is ready but server needs some changes to support the client. Upload to launcher host might take some time and also there is a few things to check in the database since we will use newer version of server.

        We will announce the progress thru this post.

        05 December 2018:

        -Preparing new client for today or tomorrows release.
        -Fixed /level command.

        03 December 2018:

        Dont worry we are still alive 🙂

        We are working on the client dll and in the source code to improve stability.

        28 November 2018:

        -Fixed notice command.
        -Added working autopill with interface to the new client.
        -Added autohunt interface (wont be available at start)

        26-27 November 2018:

        -Working on source code.

        25 November 2018:

        -Added Level Cap to configuration files.
        -Added God Level Cap to configuration files.
        -Aware of the situation of Mystical Grounds, looking for a fix.
        -Aware of IE maps not having enough monsters (10 per spot instead of 15)

        24 November 2018:

        -Website accounts reseted to test activations again.
        -Website and Server up!

        23 November 2018:

        -Fixed Imperial Edict Monsters for all tiers.

        22 November 2018:

        -Source researching + various things to do today out of the game itself.

        21 November 2018:

        CBT 2 Server Rates changed to:

        EXP: x10
        DROP: x4
        CP: x10
        TEACHER POINTS: x100
        PET EXP: x50
        NO EXP LOSS
        PVP EXP: x50

        ALL ZONES UP TO ZONE 200 Opened.

        -Fixed Dark Soul Cave 2 monsters.
        -Fixed Mistical Grounds monster spawn.

        Source code:

        -Compiled 6 of 6 Server Apps. (All done)
        -Fixed GM commands.
        From here all updates are “Quality of life updates” either for players and gms and for event purposes.
        -Added PVP Exp rate to configuration files and source code.
        -Added CP rate to configuration files and source code.
        -Added Exp loss to configuration files and source code.
        -Added teacher points rate to configuration files and source code.

        20 November 2018:
        -Compiled some other server requirements.
        -Server project upgraded to visual studio 2015.
        -Finally compiled 5 of 6 server apps.

        19 November 2018:

        -Preparing the server for the OBT fixing some bugs that players found. We almost there!

        17-18 November 2018:

        -Out for the weekend.

        16 November 2018:

        -Price of HP & CHI Pill(S) & (M) dropped to 1.
        -Fixed some descriptions in the items.
        -Disabled name change, it doesnt work and fucks up the code, (Will be fixed soon)
        -Fixed skill optimization in the client.
        -Fixed the charging skill to have normal effect. (This one specially causes freezes)

        15 November 2018:
        Launcher developer is on vacations for 5 days, he should be back on 19-20th. Whenever we comes back i will apply the updates to the client that you guys use.

        -Working on a list of fixes needed.
        -Spent some hours playing to see how everything works. (Didnt remember how hard the first levels were :o)
        -Launcher Updated with resolution. Installer here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=24&p=42#p42

        14 November 2018:

        -Server Opened for Closed Beta Phase 2.( Last testing phase)
        -Fixed and opened all zones up to zone 150. (All caves and some of the master maps should be opened)
        -Fixed the button that dissapeared on the item mall and its link.

        13 November 2018:

        -Zone transfer problem fixed.
        -Server lag reduced drastically.
        -A problem with zone transfers must be fixed.
        -Test server is up again but not officially, however you can play meanwhile. (All characters from phase 1 been deleted)

        12 November 2018:

        -Public Closed Alpha server opened for internal development
        -Fixed interface
        -Fixed models in the new client.
        -Server Exp Rates Fixed.
        -Server Drop Rates Fixed.
        -All server missmatches fixed for new files.

        11 November 2018:

        Researching fun day!
        This morning i finally woke up with good news! New server files running into windows OS instead of linux will give me less headache, now its time to compile the new source into windows and test it!

        -We removed the download links temporary in website and forum, we will post a new client for the test phase 2.
        -New server files in our hands
        -New client should be ready, hard to say because i dont have a server running in local yet.

        8-9-10 November 2018:

        Everything is stopped, we focusing into the upgrade of the server files.
        Working on the new client translations and weird stuff that shouldnt be there.

        7 November 2018:

        -New client in our hands, waiting for server files upgrade.

        6 November 2018:

        -Problems with activation of accounts should be fixed 100% for all emails EXCEPT HOTMAIL AND OUTLOOK.

        5 November 2018:
        If you get any error activating your account or error in general, please send a ticket and help us to solve the issue.

        -404 Error was related to the website upgrades that we were doing to keep working on the account activation problems.
        -Website security error fixed again.
        -Removed Download links from Download Section to add the new links later or tomorrow 6th Nov.

        4 November 2018:

        -Website will be fixed tomorrow by itself, we are familiarized with this error at this point.
        -Launched event Glory and BloodStains!. You can see details here viewtopic.php?f=6&p=53#p53
        -Installer need to be reworked, to evade problems with google.
        -Added Level 60 skills to the Item Mall.
        -Deleted some customes from the item mall (we aware that they are bugged anyways)

        3 November 2018:

        -Still checking account activation errors, we encourage players to send screenshots to our support, in this way would be easy to us to find the proper fix.
        Support link : https://support.vortex-gaming.net
        -Started to plan the new upcomming systems to the website and launcher.

        2 November 2018:

        -All item mall prices drop to 0.
        -Fixed DC while using skills and other visual bugs.
        -Recovered users from the database (No data lost)
        -Recovered files from the game server, NOW SERVER IS UP!.
        -Waiting website developer to give some data we need to fix the website.

        1 November 2018:

        -Waiting for developer to fix his internet connection, he is having a hard time to upload files and connect.
        -Website going down to fix problem with the game database.

        31 October 2018:

        -Looking at server files to know whats happening.

        30 October 2018:

        -Server database having problems.
        -Server offline for maintenance.

        29 October 2018:

        -Fixed some bugs in the game, related to quests.

        28 October 2018:

        -Fixed some of the problems with account activation cause by email token expiration time.
        We encourage you to use gmail to create accounts to evade problems.
        -Fixed logo in the support system.
        -We will be back to work tomorrow, we need a rest.

        27 October 2018:

        -Fixed some stability problems.
        -Fixed IMGs not matching client.
        -Fixed some of the problems with activation.
        We are working on that still.
        -Waiting developer reply for the resolution problem.

        26 October 2018:

        -Client download & install guide here: https://vsky2.vortex-gaming.net/download_guide & viewtopic.php?f=11&p=17#p17
        -Site is up again and secured.
        -New CBT Date: 26/10/2018 9PM. (Yep i like to keep my word)
        -Fixed forum issue where new registered users could post links. (this will prevent our forum being spammed)
        -New registered users got very limited permissions now to prevent unwanted spam.

        25 October 2018:

        -Delayed CBT 3 days due to google dumbness.
        -Talking with google to fix the situation with the “dangerous” website.
        -Changed the points that users will get for CBT to 30.000.

        24 October 2018:

        -Fixed a bug with the forum attachments.
        -Added Pre-Download to forum guides.
        -Client Installer done.
        -Uploaded CBT Client.
        -Fixed minor launcher issues.

        23 October 2018:

        -Minor client translation fixes.
        -Password reset fixed.
        -Fixed a problem where creating account wouldnt add a new user an ID to the game.
        -Closed Beta Test announced to be on 26th October 2018.

        22 October 2018:

        -Editing tools finished.
        -Secured connections.
        -V-Sky 2 website is up and running again.
        -Fixed forum DB connection.
        -Fixed support DB connection.

        19-22 October 2018:

        Having fever and health problems.

        17 October 2018:
        **We will reset all V-Sky 2 Website accounts before the CBT.

        -Added Support to the website header.
        -Now when you register in the V-Sky 2 Site, it adds also an account to the game and to the support.
        -Disabled registration from support.
        -Added FAQ to the support.
        -Websites are now SEO Optimized.
        -Added CloudFlare to the website as extended DDoS Security.

        16 October 2018:
        Preparing the closed beta 🙂

        -Removed Tessting Enchant rates they are vanilla now.
        -Installed a new support system. https://support.vortex-gaming.net
        -Added responsive theme to the support system.
        -Uploaded client files to patching FTP.

        15 October 2018:

        -Launcher file check system upgraded so its faster after you patch the first time.
        -Edited some npcs to match vanilla npcs.
        -Added website EXP and CP rankings they can be closed, they will be implemented into the website body in soon.
        -Fixed screen freezes when character left a skill key pressed.

        12 October 2018:

        -Setup script finished.
        -Cleaned webhost of useless files.
        -Reworked Master level ingame character information GUI.

        11 October 2018:

        -Fixed Font folder files to match our requirements.
        -Setup script started.
        -Changed window name changed to V-Sky2

        10 October 2018:

        -Reworked Master level login character information.
        -Reworked God level login character information.
        -Reworked a few Adept buttons.
        -Reworked a few Deity buttons.
        -Made a new loading screen with V-Sky 2 logo.

        9 October 2018:

        The news arent working 100%, they will be developed later on since we need to focus our enfforts into important stuff.
        -Launcher server side files are ready.
        -Fixed some ingame effects that were wrong.
        -Fixed wars GUI having old clan names.
        -Added 200 new ranks to the forums, completing the experience system. You can see the details here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing.

        *Launcher file checking is very slow everytime we want to start the game, launcher developer is working into that to at least, have just 1 check & Patch when new update is out*

        8 October 2018:

        -Now users must accept the terms and privacy policy to be able to register.
        -Fixed a problem with 120% enchant effect.
        -Website icon updated.
        -Added Download to the V-Sky 2 home page.

        6 October 2018:

        -Remade the GM Cape after the accidental rollback in the files.
        -Updated website news & date.
        -Added Terms of use. See them here: [url]http://ts2.vortex-gaming.net/terms[/url]
        -Added Privacy Policy. See them here: [url]http://ts2.vortex-gaming.net/privacy[/url]

        5 October 2018:

        – Working into news and banner descriptions.
        – Added website sample assets.
        – Changed login icon and added text, Sign Out, Sign In.

        4 October 2018:

        – Added Home and forums to header the menu.
        – Deleted website template useless/visual stuff.
        – Changed Website icon.
        – Now website registration ask for game ID, a game account will be added under this name and using same password as in the website.

        3 October 2018:

        – Website registration system done.
        – The game website is up and running. https://ts2.vortex-gaming.net.

        2 October 2018:

        – Worked with site developer setting up priorities.

        1 October 2018:

        – Web Developer found.
        – Ordered Item Mall items.

        28 September 2018:

        – Closed Beta Test client almost finished.
        – Uploaded new test server client.
        – Searching for website developer.

        27 September 2018:

        – Started the translation and GUI fixes on new client.
        – Modified Item Mall prices on test server to match the real server.

        26 September 2018:

        – Client exe secured.

        25 September 2018:

        – Implemeted the wordpress based home site for Vortex. https://vortex-gaming.net.
        – Web host upgrading apply sent.

        23 September 2018:

        – Added Server Fearless GUI (Game User Interface) with ingame modification included (below minimap).
        – Added a bunch of GUI files to set factions, weapons, houses and faction names to the original names.
        – Deleted some unwated logos from the client.

        20 September 2018:

        – Synced client to update the team Client to latest version in the background.
        – Added a new cool login background
        – Added a new custom login prototype.
        – Added Vortex Logo on loading screen.
        – VPS Upgraded to 30GB RAM.

        18 September 2018:

        – We need a new VPS to hold all the zones we can for development.
        – Added english traslations for items, npcs, skills, monsters and quests.


        – Source compiled
        – Fixed english translation and 000002.IMG, now client and server images match. This fixed a load of bugs related to items and disconnect.

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