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        This guide will help you set up Auto hunt

        Firstly you’re going to want to hit this button it should open a window that looks like this

        In this window you will add your damage buff and attack speed buff, then you will click on “Hunt Settings” and this window should look like this

        Here you will put your AoE skill into the Area box and your Multi skill into the Single/Multi box, Set monsters to 1 if you use Spot hunt and 2 if you use Moving hunt, Set the item rarity of items you want to be picked up then choose if you want to return to town on a full inventory or keep grinding, set heavenly fruit and feed to yes then click on the Item Settings tab which will look like this

        this is where you can target specific items to pick up and to not pick up, bellow will be a general list of items you should allow to be picked up

        PICK UP
        Heavenly Blow
        Heavenly Shield
        Garuda’s Prayer
        Lucky Ticket
        Big Lucky Ticket
        God Lucky Ticket
        God Temple Key
        Fortune Pouch
        Vespida Wasp
        Feng Demon
        Imperial Moth
        Karabos Scarab
        Turtalias Shell
        Jade Kirin
        Pinyin Spirit
        Dark Steel
        Black Steel
        Steel of Eternity
        Note: if you grind with the RARE option on you do not need to add any of the pets

        DO NOT PICK UP
        Book of Clear Fog
        Book of Amnesia
        Red Jade
        Purple Jade

        You can customize your drops further it just depends on the player

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