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        Since people have been asking how they can add Gold Coins (GC) to their accounts, here is a detailed explanation for those that are still not so sure on how to do so.

        To topup your wallet, Euro (€) is used, so make sure you think about how many numbers you put in. If you are unsure of how much 1 Euro is respective to your country, look up the currency value.

        With that being said, make sure you´ve filled your wallet with desired amount of money you wish to spend on Gold Coins (GC).

        If you have already filled your wallet then you can skip this first part and proceed to the part where you add Gold Coins (GC) to your remote account.

        However if you do not have money in your wallet, then this is how you top-up your wallet:

        1. Click on “My Wallet”

        2. Click on “Wallet topup”

        3. Proceed to type in the amount you wish to be added

        4. You can choose whether you wish to pay with PayPal or your Credit Card.
        (VISA, American Express & MasterCard are all supported)

        5. Make sure you read the website terms and conditions, once you have then you can proceed to check in the marker that you have in fact read the website terms and conditions

        6. Now your wallet should be filled with the amount of € you wished to add

        Once you see the value in your wallet and wish to exchange it to Gold Coins (GC) follow these steps:

        1. Assuming you already have an account created at what you want to do is go to “My Account”

        2. Click on “Remote Accounts” (

        3. You’ll see “Vortex Sky 2” just above the “Welcome to The Remote Accounts dashboard”, click on “Vortex Sky 2”

        4. You’́ll then see 3 options at the bottom, what you want to click on is “Add points to an account”

        5. A window will pop up, at the top of the window you ́ll get to choose which account (remote account) you wish to fill with Gold Coins. These accounts show as your Login ID, so make sure you pick the right one if you have more than one remote account.

        6. Proceed to pick how much you wish to buy, you can also enter a custom amount.

        7. After you’ve picked the desired amount you wish to buy with your wallet proceed to the bottom of the window and you ́ll see “Transfer points to account”

        8. You should now see your chosen remote account filled with Gold Coins that you’ve bought.

        9. Once you log into your account in-game, you can speak to the trader in the middle of your town square and click the “buy” option to access the Item Shop.

        10. Friendly note that you sometimes have to close and re-open the Item Shop to see all the available purchasing options.

        Easy right? Now, enjoy the game and start grinding!


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