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      Contribution Points

      Contribution can be obtained in numerous amounts of ways. These can be through:
      • PVP
      • PVM
      • Exchanging playtime

      In V-Sky 2 every 500 mobs you kill, including bosses gets you 1 CP.
      In the Item Mall there Is an item called “Slayer Scroll”, this doubles your CP earned after 500 mobs killed. Instead of getting 1 CP you get 2 CP. This scroll runs out after 50 uses, so 25,000 mob kills.

      CP and Player XP and be increased during PVP by using the following Item Mall Items:
      • Scroll of Battle (Valid for 30 Kills) – x2 Player XP Per kill
      • War God Scroll (Valid for 30 Kills) – x2 CP Per kill
      • Gods Battle Scroll (Valid for 30 Kills) – x2 Player XP and CP Per kill

      The above items can be purchased in the item mall with V-Sky Points (VP). You can get VP from donating at the V-Sky website.

      Later on CP can be used to exchange for different types of items, gears and even services. Please keep an eye on this post for an update on what will be available.

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