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        This guide is meant for those that are new to ts2 and those that are new to server so its split in 2 parts, one for ts2 virgins and second half for new to server. First half will have noob stuff and second half will include things you need to know about server.

        Part 1

        • Skills like HD/HR can be obtained by combining archives at elder. Archives can be found in PvP drops
        or you can buy them from players/shops in Saigo.
        • At g4 you can afk farm on mace brutes that are in Odawa 4 which you can enter from guard captain.
        In order to enter Odawa 4, you need to buy solemn grounds time which you can buy from trader in
        town. Its 3m for 3hrs. The name of the ticket is called Heavenly Charm and there are 3 kinds but it
        doesn’t matter which one you buy. I prefer to buy 3hrs one since its faster to stack time.
        • God temple key is what is used to enter labyrinth (like pagoda in ts1) which occurs on Wednesday,
        Friday and Sunday. You should attend since you can make good money, drops and CP there. Add God
        Temple Key to you auto-hunt pick up list.
        • Skylord holy feed is what is used to use your mount. Its like pet food for your mount. You can sit
        on you mount by pressing Y. You can also buy mount absorb from herbalist which you can use by
        using your mount then going into mount management and pressing absorb. This gives you additional
        damage. This is highly recommended. REMEMBER TO UNMOUNT YOURSELF AFTER YOU
        • You should always PvP with your mount so that it can gain experience. You can upgrade your mount
        when it reaches lvl 20 and its gonna take a while so make sure to use it.
        • You should also get 9th and 10th skill for your dmg weapon so you can do more dmg. If you have the
        rare option enabled in auto-hunt then you will pick it up automatically and if you have it disabled, you
        can add it to your pick up list.

        Part 2

        The goal as a new player is as follows:

        • The build you can run is basically 30k hp with 100% falc, deco and mount absorb active. You should
        be able to survive most commons and still be able to kill majority of people easily. This is my personal
        build of choice so you can try something else. DEX/CHI are useless here.
        • PLEASE PVP. Even if you are weak it does not matter since in wars if you are weak then players allow
        you to kill them for cp. Avoiding PvP will put you behind in cp as well as drops from PvP. AND CP
        • Once you have the set, try and get a full deco which gives additional stats. In order to receive stats
        you need to activate gold scroll or silver scroll. (Gold scroll gives full stats of the deco and can be
        bought from item mall for gc or from players who sell gc. Silver scrolls can be bought from herbalist
        but it gives less stats. So in order to maximize stats from deco its ideal to get gold scroll but if you
        cant afford then get silver scroll. MAKE SURE TO TURN IT OFF WHEN NOT USING IT. After
        deco you should try and get a dmg mount. After the mount you can work on getting wings.
        • Always attend wars, y forms, y stone and all events to get more benefits like hero points and event
        points. Hero points is a ranking system which runs for a week and the top 10 players with highest
        points get cp as reward depending on their ranks on leaderboards. (press N for leaderboards) Event
        points can be used to get capsules which have different things. You can access that shops by pressing
        INSERT key in town/Saigo only. I prefer buying feather capsules since its cheaper and feathers are
        important. After you buy the capsule you need a multi key to open it. You can buy multi key with
        event points which i do not recommend. Instead you can find one from PvP or buy one for like 5m.
        I usually wait until i drop one from PvP and then i buy a capsule. Don’t like to waste silver on multi

        In order to farm silver you have the following option:

        1. AFK farm in caves with auto-hunt
        2. Make an m8 farmer at full str The reason we pick m8 alt is so that we can farm elites and silver on
        serpentines. The caves where you find serpentines have 1x additional drop rate than other maps. Also
        m8 is the highest level until which serpentines give drops so the idea is to get m8 to get the maximum
        damage possible (aka m8 gear + more stat points into str). Another big reason is the fact that there is
        no auto-hunt tax under m14 so making silver is much faster than at G4 autofarming. Ideally you want
        m8 full str + 100% scarab + cs12 105% weapon to maximize silver gains from serpentines.
        3. Boss hunting for mats People hunt bosses to get mats and they use them to enchant cleans to 60%
        and destroy them. Destroying an item at 60% gives 5m + 1x 15% mat. It gives more silver for every
        additional 12% but it is not worth it since you will have more fails on enchant and it will likely be a
        waste of mats. If you wanna be hardcore make yourself all different levels of alt where there is a boss
        population. In order to destroy an enchanted item, you can click destroy equipment from the NPC
        that is in the middle of town/Saigo where you buy gc items from.
        4. PVP – it gives drops that you can sell or use.
        5. Dailies – You can do dailies and sell them to people who buy them. Dailies are the only way to make a
        100% pet to 200% so if you don’t have a good pet yourself, it makes no sense to use it on bad pets so
        better off selling it to others for extra income for a better pet. I suggest using dailies only on falc/levi.
        Dailies usually go for 50m rn. You can check for daily mission from NPC in middle of town/Saigo by
        pressing Daily Mission and completing conditions. Dailies reset at 12am server time.
        6. Selling gc – This is an ingame currency used for item mall could speed up income gain
        7. Labby – Another way to make money is to attend labby. Each floor gives roughly 13m silver plus drops
        and you have a chance to get phoenix feather or white feather which you can sell or use.

        Important: You can afk farm on G4 or m8. If you farm on G4 you will make less silver but you will get cp from PvE and you will drop leets which are lvl g4. If you farm on m8, you will make more silver but you wont get cp with PvE and if you drop a leet at m8, its gonna be lvl m3/m6 and in order to upgrade it to g4 it will take you at least 3-5b and to make it 120% cs12 will take additional silver. So both lvl farming has its pro’s and con’s so pick your poison. But if you are new player I recommend you start with serpentine farming for some silver to buy deco, falc and dmg mount and then move back to g4.

        -Guide by UnKnoWnZ

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