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        Holy Stone Battle

        Holy Stone Battle is held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8pm (Server Time Subject to change)
        Each faction has a faction stone that they earn. Guanyin Stone (G Stone), Fujin Stone (F Stone), Jinong Stone (J Stone) and Nangin Stone (N Stone). These home stones can be found on the map after your home town. Apart from these three stones there is also another Stone called Yaoguai Stone (Y Stone). To obtain it you must win the Yanggok Formation battle and defeat the stone in the cave.

        Holy Stone Battle happens on certain days of the week and it lasts for 3 hours, the objective is to take or defend your stone. You will need to go to Yanggok and attack the other faction’s shields in order to gain access to their maps and their stone. Communication Is a must, so please listen to your Faction Leaders.

        Having all stones in your possession provides you with a 30% PVM damage boost. If you lose your home stone you will have a -10% PVM damage reduction. In the event of an opposing faction having all 3 stones you will have a -20% PVM damage reduction as penalty for losing them.

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