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        Boss hunting:

        A relatively high hp build and a defense pet is advised for boss hunters.
        Bosses always spawn at lv 100-m33 war.

        Lv 100~:
        Bosses spawn in Rojiko Caverns(yanggok cave) and third to the last map at Gate master.

        Has Access to bosses in second to last map at gate master, Solemn grounds, Odawa 1 & 2, Ikusa mountain, Midori Oasis.

        Solemn grounds, Odawa 1 & 2, Ikusa mountain, Midori Oasis.

        Odawa 2, Midori Oasis.

        Odawa 2, Midori Oasis, Edge of Taiyan.

        Odawa 3 & 4, Tainted Oasis.

        Chi elixir
        Mats for HP elixir
        Mats for STR/DEX elixir(Edge of Taiyan bosses only)
        3%, 6%, 9%, 12% mats
        Fortune pouch
        Superior Pill

        Farming serpents:

        Serpents are found at the third to last map at gate master.

        Usually farmed with a Master 8 character as that is the level limit for getting drops from serpents. Build full STR with m8 rare set or m6 elite set and a 100% bee/scarab/owl/bat.
        It is possible to fully oneshot the serps with a proper rare set up for optimal profits of 75-100m silver per 24 hours from silver drops alone with a higher chance of dropping elite gear and elite pets than other level brackets.

        Scrapping 60% rares:

        If you have rare gear lying around that you have no use for, rather than throwing them away, you can enchant them to 60%, bring them to the Trader npc and destroy them for 5m silver + a 15% material.

        Selling daily missions:

        Claiming a daily mission at the Trader npc grants 1% exp to the pet you are currently using.
        If you don’t have a pet that you want to bring to 200% exp, you can choose to sell the pet exp gained from the daily mission to someone else.
        The buyer will give you their pet and you will wear the pet before claiming the daily mission, once that is done and the pet got 1% exp you trade it back for the agreed payment.

        *Do this at your own risk, as there’s a possibility of getting scammed!*

        Valley of Deceased:

        Register during registration hours to access it costs 100cp for god levels and 50cp for master levels. You get 1 hour to kill 170 mobs with your faction, the first faction to kill all the mobs kicks the other factions out and unlocks the boss. Killing the boss grants cp reward to the winning faction and extra drops.
        The 170 mobs have a good chance to drop T1 Diamonds and Essence of Devotion, which can be sold for good profit.


        Opens Wednesday/Friday/Sunday at 6pm servertime.
        You are required a God Temple Key per entry and will be working together with your faction to fight the labyrinth bosses in each their rooms. As you kill one everybody gets their own drops and the door opens to the next boss.

        God Lucky Ticket
        12% and 15% materials
        Superior Pills
        Purple Jade
        Red Jade
        Phoenix Feather
        White Feather
        Essence of Devotion
        Multi key

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