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        Happens every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 6pm (Server Time, Subject to change)

        To enter the labyrinth you will need a labyrinth key (Laby Key), this key gives you access to the labyrinth maze once.
        This maze consists of 5 floors. In each floor there are bosses which drop you very good loot. In order to progress through the floors you will need to kill every boss in each floor. Rewards increase as you progress through the floors.
        If you die in the labyrinth you will be kicked out and your labyrinth key will be consumed. You can only enter once, so be wary of the powerful bosses.

        The rewards include (Subject to change):
        • Purple Jades
        • Red Jades
        • God Sent Lucky Tickets
        • Steel Of Eternity
        • Gold Of Eternity
        • Silver
        • Superior Pills
        • Phoenix Feathers
        • White Feathers

        Money reward per stage depending on the character level.

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