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        Starting Out

        Pick your weapon, I prefer sword, double blade and light blades for grinding given the support buff you get with the weapons is a defense increase and this make it easier to grind on harder mobs which will yield more experience.

        With the extra defense you will be spending less on pills and if you have a friend that has a relic you will barely take any damage from mobs at all.

        At level 1 do your starting quests till you are told to kill Goblins.
        Go out the gate and kill 1 or 2, then start hunting the Tree Gibbons, these have a chance to drop UNIQUES, and FORTUNE POUCHES, which will give you an amount of silver between 1,000 and 500,000 silver, and with the cost of pills on this silver will help you a lot.

        You should kill Tree Gibons until you are lvl 12-15, after that you will move forward and kill Farseer Mistresses until 21-24.

        You should have a full set or close to full set of UNIQUES by level 20-24 ish now you can grind in caves.

        On your map, you will see 3 portals the one to the cave is usually close to the entrance of the map or in the middle. these are the places you want to grind due to more mob density and they are all agro so you don’t need to run around and collect the mobs.

        From lvl 20-30 you want to grind on Masked Warriors, 30-35 grind on Gearsmith Golems, if you are surviving well enough you can completely pass this mob and grind on the Dread Lords

        At around level 35 or 40, you want to move to a mob called Dread Lords these have a high % chance to drop RARES If you can get a rare armor and defence weapon to drop your golden this means you can almost go right to the next mob that you will grind on till 65.

        You will want to move to the next cave at around level 45 if you got the drops you needed if not you can stay on the Dread Lords till you get the drops or the names go green.

        You want to move to the next cave now and grind on Lady Guards these mobs are very popular or at least they were in other versions for their higher than normal chance to drop level 60 skills, Heavenly Shield, Heavens Blow, Garudas Prayer, 6th and 7th skills as well as 55 rares, you will grind on them till 65 and hopefully get a skill or 2.

        At 65 you will move to the next cave and grind on the Ice Mistresses in the 1st part or move to the 2nd part of the cave if you are killing them fast enough or they are doing little damage to you. You will grind in the 2nd part of the cave till 90 Grind on the Sightless Chele till 75 or 80, At 75 or 80 I suggest grinding in the top left of the map on the kick boxers if you can handle them.

        At level 90 you will move to the cave in Yanggok. OR you can go to SoS if you buy GC or are able to afford it with silver from other GC buyers, to get there you will need to go to your city and then the Guard Captain, the guard you want will normally be on his right, click him and move to the island above Ancient Island, I will come back to SoS at a later point. You want to go to the cave in Yanggok and grind there till 104 or 105 I’m not too familiar with the cave and what to grind on since I used SoS in every version.

        At 105 you will want to move to the cave in the map after the cave in Yanggok (normally the 2nd to last map in the Gate Master). you will want to grind on the Dead Adepts till 108ish then move to the Serpentine in the top left. you will grind here till m1 or 2 and hopefully find some m2-5 rares or maybe even an m3 ELITE.

        at m1 or m2 you will move to the cave in the next map, and grind on the Delmakians till m5 or m8. at m5 you can go to Solemn Grounds or Scroll of Seekers, I would recommend Scroll of Seekers since you don’t need to pull your mobs to you and it has an increased xp rate and drop rate at all times in there. At m8 you can grind on Beast masters in the same cave as Delmakians till m14 then go to Odawa.

        You will stay in Scroll of Seekers till g4 just moving up the islands as you go, there really isn’t much more to include on leveling at this point so good luck with that.

        Alternatively, you can grind m5 – m17 in Solem Grounds then from m17 – m33 in Odawa Cave 1 & 2

        Solemn Grounds
        – M1 – 5 you are going to want to stay at Sicus Wielder or Shine Striker. Striker’s have a double hit and hurt’s a lot. They can give more experience compared to Rams tho.
        – M5 – M8 or M11 grind on Goblin Elites! These guys drop ELITES aswell.
        – M11 – 17 grind on Dark Master, These can drop ELITE Pets, and Gear.

        Odawa Cave Floor 1
        – M17 – M23 Grind on the Sand Dragon Frogs
        – M23 – M24 Grind on the Jade Assassins

        Odawa Cave Floor 2
        – M24 – M26 Grind on the Goblin Elite [DARK]
        – M26 – M33 Grind on the Dark Masters [DARK]
        – M33 – G1 Grind on the Elephant Warriors

        Stat Points

        Stat points are the base of any build in Twelvesky and are important in how your character plays out in the world of Twelvesky 2

        Stats per point
        1 Point of Strength = 2.8 AP and 2 Attack Rate
        1 Point of Vitality = 20 HP and 0.9 Evade
        1 Point of Agility = 1.67 Evade and 1.6 Defense
        1 Point of Spirit = 15 Chi and 1.5 AP

        There are a few common builds for Twelvesky2, I will list these bellow.

        3 Vit 2 Str is a easy beginner friendly build with a good balance of Vit and Str to help make grinding easier

        3 Str 2 Vit is also a pretty basic build, i would recommend using it with a defensive pet (Rosary)

        All Vit Not really worth while till end game (g12 r12 s5v2 elite) Unless you want to tank during labby g1-g12

        All Str If you have a 100%+ Defensive pet i recommend grinding on this build, makes it much easier to level, you can also PvP at g4 with it but don’t expect to survive a 1v1

        All Chi This is a niche build that was around on Aeria, if you had a WLC s5v2 and a 15% mount and max chi elixers you could AoE all night and not use 1 chi tab, it’s not as useful here since we have auto pill.

        The most common build at g4 is 35k hp rest strength.

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            awesome guide! thank you! super excited to relive this very nostalgic game. I played during my teens!

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              Thank you, i hope ill drop some leets but for now im M2 and stil nothing qq

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