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        //——–// RUINED BATTLEFIELD //——–//

        This premium map allows players to farm required resources for the hideout upgrade and maintenance and all monsters got a chance of dropping rares with options!


        – Min. Level: M33 (Lv.145)
        – Max accumulated time: 180mins.
        – No autohunt zone.
        – Rares / Elites can drop with 0-4 randomly generated options.
        – Monsters got a chance to drop Holy Wood (Added automatically to your currency chest).

        Where to obtain:

        – Ruined Battlefield Tickets will now have a chance to drop in Wars/Mou PvP.
        – Labyrinth will now have a chance to drop Ruined Battlefield Tickets in all floors.
        – Labyrinth floors 3-5 will now drop a guarantee Ruined Battlefield Ticket.
        – Trader Nungsi sells for 15,000,000 Silver and 30CP.

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