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        Sockets add some extra strength and buffs to your character in the form of dmg, hp and ele dmg or chance to stun poison and leech life from players, to socket a item go to the Agent in your factions town and hit socket

        This will cost you 100m and will cause you to open between 1 and 5 sockets on your item, if you didn’t open 5 on the 1st try don’t worry you can oversocket next.

        To oversocket a item you will need an Oversocket scroll purchased from the trader for 50cp and this will force a socket on your item.

        You will need Diamonds acquired from VoD or Daily rewards or players to insert into your gear, you will receive a random effect from this list
        List of Socket Effects

        If you wish to remove a gem you will need a Gem Removal Scroll also purchased from the Agent for 50cp
        If you wish to remove a socket you will need a Socket Remove Stone also purchased from the Agent for 50m

        Socketed items cannot be downgraded or exchanged.

        Each piece of equipment can only get 2 stats effects on it.

        3. System Limitations:

        The system is limited in 2 ways, the gear level and the type of gear piece it is: depending on these limitations, the system will grant different effects.

        a. Level limitations:

        – Lv1-M33: Lv1 Socket Stat Effects / All skill effects.
        – G1-G12: Lv1 and Lv2 Socket Stat Effects / All skill effects.
        – R1-R12: All effects.

        Gear Limitations

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