Hide and seek event in BDP the 20th -22nd of December (Weekend Event)

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        Hide and seek event in BDP the 20th -22nd of December (Weekend Event)

        20th, Friday 8:00 PM GMT +2 (Server Time)
        21st, Saturday 8:00 PM GMT +2 (Server Time)
        22nd, Sunday 8:00 PM GMT +2 (Server Time)

        We’ll be having a hide and seek event in BDP next weekend with a total of 9 winners.

        Each day will have 3 winners, making it up to 9 winners at the end of the weekend for some juicy rewards! Prizes will be announced at the time of the event.

        With this being said, we have certain rules that you are not allowed to break or go against.

        The rules are as follows:

        -If you are cheating or trying to help others, we will disqualify you immediately and you will not be allowed to participate in the remaining events.

        – In order to increase participation and give everyone an equal opportunity to win a prize, you are not allowed to win more than once per day. If you win, you will have to wait till the next day’s events for a chance to win again!

        – If you win and wish to stay as a spectator of the event, then you are not allowed to run around or help your friends in any kind of way. (Staying means remaining at the centre of BDP with a supervisor we’ll assign for that event).

        – No participant is allowed to leave the centre until the person hiding says it is okay to do so and has given the indication to come seek him.

        So mark your calendars and plan to join us for 3 days of fun and excitement!

        -Vortex Team

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