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        Contribution Points

        You get 1 cp each 500 mobs killed

        You can increase this number with certain items such as

        • Scroll of Battle (Valid for 30 Kills) – x2 Player XP Per kill
        • War God Scroll (Valid for 30 Kills) – x2 CP Per kill
        • Gods Battle Scroll (Valid for 30 Kills) – x2 Player XP and CP Per kill

        The 3 above-listed items are purchased from the Item Mall.

        You can also use CP to get a title increasing your STR, DEF, HP, or CHI at the elder, the titles are from L1 to L12 and get more expensive as you increase it.


        CP Cost Per Level

        – Level 1: 800 CP
        – Level 2: 1,700 CP
        – Level 3: 2,500 CP
        – Level 4: 3,400 CP
        – Level 5: 4,200 CP
        – Level 6: 5,100 CP
        – Level 7: 5,900 CP
        – Level 8: 6,800 CP
        – Level 9: 7,600 CP
        – Level 10: 8,500 CP
        – Level 11: 9,300 CP
        – Level 12: 10,000 CP

        Also, CP is used to Rebirth from R1-R12, also yet to be released, You can also trade in 30 cp at the elder for a random item, they list the items you can get at the elder

        Reinforcement System

        With this system, you can add a halo above your head that will increase your Strength, Agility, Health, and Spirit by1 point.

        You can obtain a halo by going to the palace and speaking with your elder chose the CP RFC option. Each attempt will cost you 100 CP + 1,000,000 silver, with each success it will go up by +1 to a maximum of +96 each time it fails it has a chance to reduce the level by 1, you can use
        (Guardian Scrolls) to prevent losing a level when it fails.



        Aswell as adding 1 point to Strength, Vitality, Chi and Dex per rank.

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